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Docs Geek Blog

Welcome to the Docs Geek Blog, where I, Mark, your "Docs Geek," will guide you through the exciting world of modern technical writing. Join me as we dive deep into topics such as docs-as-code, workflow automation, SaaS/APIs, style guides, and the art of effective diagramming.

In this blog, I don't just talk theory; I walk the talk. I frequently provide links to GitHub repositories and Codepens containing sample applications that bring these concepts to life. These practical examples are your hands-on tools for experimenting with the very ideas we discuss.

Consider this blog your primer, launchpad, and trusted resource for exploring modern tech writing concepts in an informative but also practical and actionable way.

So, welcome aboard whether you're a seasoned technical writer, developer, or anyone interested in the dynamic world of documentation. Let's embark on this journey of discovery together, and let's geek out on all things docs!

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